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About The Farm

The farm comprises of 120 acres of mainly arable land where we grow wheat, oats, field beans and vegetables.

We use grass & clover leys and mustard for fertility building crops in our annual rotation. 

Farming With Nature: Our Wildlife Schemes

The farm is in the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and Higher Level Stewardship Scheme providing areas of land dedicated to wildlife by the planting of crops suitable for winter feeding for birds. This also provides a habitat for and encourages small mammals.

We have an extensive range of birds on the farm, of which we are very proud. We also have a 20 acre wood on the farm, which is the site of an ancient settlement. The wood is home to many wild animals including badgers, deer and foxes and many species of birds.


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Our Team

The farm is run by Steven Snowden and his father Patrick, who has farmed and lived in the area since the 1940s.

The shop is staffed mainly by family members with some part-time help.